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Sloth Cloudflare Worker Generator – Review

Edge SEO Served with Extra Salt The concept of Edge SEO sort of blew my mind slightly when I first read about it. It resonated with my heavily after I had just gone through a challenging SEO period where we had landed a new client but their website was for want of a better phrase……

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Logflare CloudFlare App – Review

Edge Logs for everyone Logflare immediately caught my attention when I first saw it on Reddit and I knew I wanted to take it for a spin as soon as I had a bit of downtime. A month later and one Saturday spent indoors I’ve had enough time to play around with Logflare the Cloudflare…

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The SEO Framework Plugin – Review

SEO Plugins = Serious Business Many people like to bestow a mythical “search-engine-friendly-out-of-the-box” status to the WordPress CMS but this is simply untrue. Sure WordPress does a few good things well such as permalink management and automatic www/non-www redirects within its default settings, however this doesn’t explain why SEO Plugins are serious business. At the…

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