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About Me

Nick Samuel

Thanks for checking out my website.

I am Nick Samuel and I work in Search specialising in Technical SEO.

My first grad job was as an SEO Analyst back in 2013 and ever since then my focus has been on understanding search engines and growing organic traffic.

I love the constant challenges each new website brings, staying on top of the best-practices in the SEO industry and continuing to learn about underlying technologies which power the internet.

There’s no real goal or purpose to besides being an opportunity sharpen my skills and have a go at building my own website from scratch.

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You can learn a bit more about me from my FAQs page and see some dodgy pictures of me here.

Skill Set

I enjoy the technical aspects of SEO and you’d be more likely to catch me crawling and auditing a website rather than link building¬† or putting together a content strategy.

If you work in Search long enough it’s impossible not to gain well-rounded knowledge over time, and I have nothing but respect for the skill-set required to make those other areas of SEO work e.g. Outreach!

Overall I enjoy anything to do with SEO but right now at the time of writing I particularly enjoy:

  1. Technical SEO
  2. SEO Strategy
  3. Site Speed Optimisation
  4. Web Dev
  5. WordPress


I’ve worked at an online start-up, in-house doing E-commerce, on my own websites and of course agency side at the following places:

I’m also currently looking to do a bit of freelancing as well in my spare time just to complete the set.