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Digital Spring cleaning

So my general PC is was a bit of a mess and hasn’t really had much TLC go into the arrangement of folders, files and everything else for at least since I graduated in 2013. And even then I wasn’t particularly organised; I just hadn’t accumulated enough stuff to make my computer feel “unmanageable”. As…

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Getting a New Site Indexed: Observations As a full-time SEO who tends to work with established companies, it’s been a while now I’ve been involved in launching a new website from scratch and seeing how Google responds to it. By new website from scratch, I don’t mean a new redesign or site migration; I’m talking a new-ish domain with 0…

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Optimising My Site for Speed

This is going to be a quick overview of site speed post-launch, some of the steps I’ve already taken, and what there’s still left to do. Quick heads up I’m not really bothered about the performance of this website in terms of speed. By already having a decent host, coding the theme from scratch and…

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