Nick Samuel

Misc. Pictures

My main photo is super out of date but I haven’t really got any other photos or professional head shots at this moment in time.

Here are a few photos of me from various SEO conferences and events:

Take it offline with Barry Schwartz

I’m too cool to get a photo with anyone these days after Brighton 2018 but I had a fun chat with “Bazza” at a Take it Offline event.

Absolute gent, and he even wrote a nice little piece about the the London SEO community afterwards.

I’m the guy in the red hoodie with the dodgy crown sitting next to my colleague and Sporcle partner, Adam.

Brighton SEO September 2018

Just to defend this picture…I queued for five minutes max, I swear. I was hanging out in the west bar before the main keynote and saw them stacking Rand’s books on a table.

After it finished I immediately popped over there because why not. You can tell how often I pose for photographs with SEO “rockstars” by my very awkward thumbs up.

Nice guy, strange experience; glad I tried it but not really for me 😛

Search London Event 2018

I can’t remember the specific event but I recall one of the talks was by an Argentinian women who worked on a migration for some part of Barclays Bank.

With my old bosses, Chris and Vicky from Optus/Under2.


Digital Elite Conference 2018

Was scraping the barrel for photos of me here related to SEO. This is from a still from a promotional youtube video, and I am in the background chatting with Cristina from SEO Monitor and one other lucky person.

Bonus: Enlarged profile picture

Last but not least, this is a larger version of my commonly used avatar. It’s either 2013 or 2014 and is taken on a San Francisco bay cruise.

I need to stop using it but I don’t really take much photos in general.